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Tuckfield & Associates Completes Over 100 Rate Studies

We are pleased to have served the industry by completing over 100 rate studies.  See our clients page for a representative list of engagements.


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We offer specialized services in the financial and management areas of public-utility management for small and medium sized clients. Our practice areas are listed below.

Cost of Service and Rate Studies

Our financial planning, cost of service and rate studies can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, and can include short-term or long-term measures, detailed analyses, and various rate structure alternatives.


These studies typically include projection of revenue and expense, identification of capital improvements, proposed financing of the improvements, development of a pro forma statement showing all financial obligations and debt service coverage, allocation of costs, and design of rates.


Water rate studies follow methodologies of the American Water Works Association while wastewater rate studies follow methods of the Water Environment Federation.


Our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your utility's future.

Capacity Charge/Connection Fee Studies 

Several methodologies may be utilized to determine these fees.  Most often, the method selected is dependent on the growth aspects of the utility and is additionally related to each system's unique characteristics.  In some cases, a combination of methods may be used to provide the best solution for the utility.

Revenue Bond Feasibility Studies and Certificates

When the need to secure financing through Revenue Bonds are required, an agency's Financial Advisor may employ the services of a rate consultant. The rate consultant's feasibility study provides credibility to the issue by developing a financial plan which demonstrates the ability of the issuer to repay the bonds and make debt service payments. The credibility that the study provides often times allows the issuer to obtain a better bond rating from rating agencies which ultimately reduces the risk of the issue, resulting in a lower interest rate on the bonds.

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